Reminders for Monday

Dear Writers,

I wanted to clarify some expectations for the week ahead and remind you that we’ll probably have a guest observing our class on Monday (or, possibly, Wednesday).

finger string

For Monday:

  • You should bring at least FIVE copies of your speech draft to exchange with your peer group. Refer back to the assignment sheet for some tips about how you might approach this essay.
  • You should read through the packet of short essays that starts with “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie. As you read, you should try to find at least one good example of a place where the writer is SHOWING the reader something as opposed to TELLING the reader something. Again, the quick way to think of this concept is to recognize the difference between “I was sad” (telling) and “The cold tears froze on my cheek as I watched Sam drive away” (showing). SHOWING the reader is more vivid, more memorable, more “visual.” See what examples you can track down in the reading, and, more importantly, think about how you can apply this strategy to your own writing.
  • You should read “To the Legoland Station” by Michael Chabon and “Tweet Nothings” by Joe Posnanski, the essays that were distributed in class on Wednesday. No need to post a response to these essays (yet), because you have other writing to keep you busy. But do read them and be prepared to talk about them in class. The essential question to consider: what is the writer’s argument and how does he support it?


For Wednesday:

  • You’ll read and respond to your peers’ speech drafts in WORKSHOP. I’ll give you some handouts to help you prepare. We’ll also probably start to talk about the next major assignment which will keep you busy for most of the next two months.


Let me know if you have any question. Also don’t forget that next week is an “A” week, so make sure you’re aware of any conferences I’m expecting you to attend.

See you soon,


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