Meeting in Hatcher

Here’s your first reminder about next week:

  1. On Wednesday, we’ll meet for class in the computer lab on the main floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library (Hatcher 100). Enter from the Diag and go through the lobby past the stairs. Head up the ramp on your left and look for the computer lab on your right.

  2. We’ll be in the library lab the following Monday as well. The idea is to provide you with some general instruction about conducting research at the university that goes beyond Wikipedia and Google searches. Ideally, you’ll come to the lab with some ideas about the subject matter you might pursue for your cultural analysis essay. Becoming familiar with how to navigate databases, as well as understanding the roles of the research librarians on campus, should help you be more productive over the next three years.

  3. I should also remind you to read the Klosterman essays about fantasy football and Harry Potter. These might further inspire you to consider your own analysis project. By the end of next week, I’ll want you to have written a blog post about at least one of these essays OR one of the essays we read this week (Chabon or Posnanski). Your post should reveal some critical thinking about the arguments being advanced and the rhetorical strategies that contribute to the writer’s success (or lack thereof).

  4. Finally, I’d strongly advise you to check out the Peer Tutoring services as you work on your speech revision. There are at least two weeks before the next draft is due, so you’ve got ample opportunity to seek additional feedback. Don’t forget to document your Exploring Resources obligations by creating a new page on your blog and writing about your experiences. For more information, consult the Exploring Resources information on the handout (or here).

  5. One more thing: there are no regularly scheduled conferences next week. Monday, October 21 kicks off our next “B” week schedule.



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