Getting Started – Topics and Research

First of all, remember that we’ll be meeting on Monday in the Hatcher computer lab. Come to class prepared to explore some potential topics for your cultural analysis. Bring the “Exploring a Topic” handout that you received last Wednesday, and demonstrate that you’ve put some thought into the process by filling out at least part of it. Also come with questions. Monday will be a good opportunity to get yourself pointed in the right direction.

I’ve attached here that “Exploring a Topic” handout, as well as an example of how one might make use of this form. Check it out.

Brainstorming Worksheet

Brainstorming Worksheet – Example

To further help you get started, here is a link to a library guide on selecting a topic and narrowing your research focus. This may be useful for this assignment as well as other coursework in a variety of disciplines.

Also don’t forget to post a new response to one of the readings from this week or last (Chabon, Posnanski, Klosterman). The goal continues to be developing your critical reading skills as they related to rhetorical analysis. How are these writers making and advancing an argument? Essentially, they’re doing the same kind of thing you’ll be doing with your cultural analysis essay, so it should be useful to figure out how these samples “work.”

Finally, we’ll get started with our speech presentations next Wednesday. Kicking things off will be George, Heather, Francecsa, and Joel. Looking forward to it. Have fun.

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