Weekly Reminders

All of this week’s readings are available on our Resources page. Be sure to check out the essays by Rushin, King, Trump, and Browne. All of them are forms of cultural analysis, and you might gain further insight into your own projects. Post a response to at least one of them by Wednesday.

Wednesday, we’ll hear speeches from Francesca, Joel, George, and Heather. Then next Monday we’ll hear from Mimi, Jaron, Carly, Caleb, and Taylor. Be ready to roll (and form a receptive audience).


We’ll talk more this week about the expectations for your cultural analysis essay. Once you’ve narrowed down a topic, don’t forget that you should include some analytical aspect rather than simply sharing factual information.

In other words, you’ll want your essay to do more than just state WHAT SOMETHING IS; you’ll want to communicate some ideas about WHAT IT MEANS. A good way to explore this angle is to consider why your topic is of interest or why it is increasing in popularity. Why, for instance, does our culture have an obsession with zombies? [See photo.] Why is there increased interest in local level renewable energies? Are certain video games popular because they satisfy our violent urges rather than inspire them? Hopefully, everyone will continue to narrow their focus, and we’ll share our ideas more fully on Wednesday. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck.

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