Over and Out

Dear Writers,

Well, that was fun.

Sorry it’s taken all week to get “grades” posted. My house was dealing with two ear infections, two eye infections, two sinus infections, and one viral infection. All four of us were on various forms of amoxicillin, though we seem to be on the mend just in time to hop in the car and drive to New York. Wish us luck.

I enjoyed getting to know each of you this semester, and I think we achieved a nice balance of fun and productivity (something my old high school students used to refer to as funductivity). Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in the future. I’ll be in  my Sweetland office at least through the end of the school year. After that, who knows? I’ve got a Major Review coming next semester which is kind of like a job performance review for Lecturers. (Yes, I’m not technically a professor, though some of you wanted to call me one.)  Anyway, I’d be glad to bump into you in the future.

I’ve had a chance to skim through everyone’s portfolio, and my plan is to share some individualized feedback by email before the end of the year. That’s more likely to happen in the days after Christmas, so be patient. Nothing extravagant, but I do hope you realize your work is valued. Thanks for putting in some effort this semester. Your three credits were well-earned.

Finally, I wish you a warm and relaxing holiday break. I’ll be hanging with my foxes (see below) and trying to get healthy. Be well.





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