“This course focuses on the key features of college writing, helping to develop students’ skills and confidence. More generally, this course prepares students for the type of writing most often assigned and valued in University classes, which includes: analysis in addition to summary; revision for focus and clarity; development and generation of ideas; and style built on a solid grasp of conventions of grammar and punctuation.”


That’s what the Sweetland Center for Writing official course description says. So what will you really do for the next 15 weeks? You will read. You will solve a murder mystery. You will think about identity, Legos, persuasion, education, Superman, fantasy football, and voice. You will talk. You will listen. You will begin to appreciate rhetorical choices. You will be brave enough to embrace new experiences. You will occasionally bring treats to class. You will share your work. You will get sick of the word “argument.” You will attend frequent conferences. You will showcase your work on a personal blog. Most importantly, you will write. And then you will write some more. Just as one does not become a good basketball player solely by watching other people play, one does not become a good writer solely by reading. You’ve got to spend time at the keyboard punching those letters onto the screen. Then you’ve got to hit delete and try again. The magic will come.


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