Joe Posnanski – Tweet Nothings

Chuck Klosterman – Death by Harry Potter

Chuck Klosterman – The Chris Johnson Problem

Thomas Lynch – A Man’s Right to Choose

Michael Chabon – To the Legoland Station

Rembert Browne – Django, the N-Word, and How We Talk about Race in 2013

Steven Rushin – Song of Ourselves

Stephen King – Why We Crave Horror Movies

Rob Trump – Why Would You Ever Give Money Through Kickstarter?

“A Simple Request …”

Molly Ivins – “Get a Knife …”

Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Letter From Birmingham Jail

Everyday Arguments – Chapter 1

Everyday Arguments – Chapter 2

Everyday Arguments Chapter 4

Everyday Arguments Chapter 10

Michelle Tea – Charming Deformities

Sandra Cisneros – Only Daughter

Sherman Alexie – Superman and Me

David McCullough – “You Are Not Special”

David McCullough – MY TURN

David McCullough – Speech Video

Steve Kolowich – “What Students Don’t Know”

Ed Dante – “The Shadow Scholar”

Megan McArdle – “Is College a Lousy Investment?”

Matt Richtel – “Blogs vs. Term Papers”

Cathy Davidson – “Should We Really ABOLISH the Term Paper?”

Mark Bauerlein – “Blogs and Term Papers”


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